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4,5 Sterne aus 860 Bewertungen
14 Apr 2021 um 1:10 As always satisfying food and excellent service
13 Apr 2021 um 14:04 Pünktlich, lecker und heiß. Was will man mehr. :)
13 Apr 2021 um 13:41 I really like Natraj. But the food was much colder and dryer than usual. Probably it was waiting 10-15 minutes longer. Usually, you also get bread which was also missing this time. A bit disappointed because on average natraj is a really good place.
7 Apr 2021 um 15:50 As always food was awesome and was delivered on time
6 Apr 2021 um 10:26 excellent. with everything taking care of. due to the longer delivery time I even got an extra. appreciated.
3 Apr 2021 um 13:55 I had ordered food at 11 when it was closing time. But still they managed to bring food. Really appreciate the hospitality.
2 Apr 2021 um 21:33 Zu spät gekommen Zu scharf und nicht lecker einmal und niewieder